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Discover our more traditional history

Caprichos del Paladar

We are farmers and we know the countryside. That is why we can select the best products at their optimum harvesting time.
Once in our factory, we handcraft the products with an exhaustive quality control.

They talk about us

José Antonio Pellicer

Chef Miguel Garcia

Chef Miguel García, from Soho Restaurant in Madrid, our executive chef and great ally when it comes to developing new products.

Chef Maria Jose San Roman

María José San Román, from La Cubierta del Monastrell Restaurant, 2 Repsol suns, trusts in our products.

We are artisans, we are Caprichos

We are a family founded company dedicated to bringing our customers the very best from our farms. We cultivate and harvest our vegetables using time-honored, traditional methods while incorporating the latest technology. This allows us to produce exceptional quality products our customers have come to expect.

Our search for excellence combined with our determination to constantly improve our processing methods allows us to supply the finest quality artisanal products.

Continuous innovation

Our knowledge of the countryside, our access to vegetables through Hortofruticola 3 Puentes, sister company of Caprichos del Paladar, our active listening and collaborations with catering professionals, allow us to innovate and bring out new products that become essential in the kitchen.

Preserving vegetables since 1996

With more than 20 years of experience, Caprichos del Paladar can boast that, through our continuous innovation, our products favour each of the parts of the food chain: farmer, factory, distributor, restaurant or shop and the person who tastes them. We are proud of the smiles we bring to their faces and the unconditional support they give us.