Artichoke Flower in Extra Virgin Olive Oil with no added oil

Carefully selected artichokes, harvested the same day they are packaged, without colouring or preservatives. They are confit over a low heat in olive oil, which gives them a tender texture. This artichoke is prepared so that you can easily form a flower without breaking it. You can enjoy it cut, in strips or whole, quality from the garden to the table!

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The quality of this product begins in the field with a careful selection of the artichoke and harvesting at the right point of ripeness and size. A few hours later and always on the same day, they are cooked in the factory, confit at a low temperature in extra virgin olive oil. This allows us to enjoy fresh artichokes all year round.

These artichokes are cooked in a way that allows them to open very easily into a beautiful artichoke flower that is both beautiful and extraordinarily tasty, making them extremely versatile in the kitchen.

These artichokes also guarantee a homogeneous calibre within the tray of 20 artichokes, which allows a total control of the size.

Se presentan ultracongeladas en el formato “huevera”, un envase especial ideado para facilitar el aprovechamiento total de la bandeja ya que nos permite utilizar la cantidad de alcachofas que necesitemos sin necesidad de descongelar la bandeja completa.


Artichokes and Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Bandeja Peso Neto Ud/Caja
Gastronorm 1.100g 4


Valor energético/100g: 695 kJ/ 166 kcal
Grasas: 12,7g
de las cuales saturadas: 1,8g
Hidratos de Carbono: 10,3g
de los cuales azúcares: 6,6g
Fibra Alimentaria: 3,2g
Proteínas: 2,6g
Sal: 0,06g


Made with fresh products from Spain, without colouring or preservatives. Keep frozen at a temperature of no more than -18°C. Once opened, do not refreeze, keep refrigerated and consume within 4 days. consume within 4 days.