Caprichos del Paladar is committed to the sustainability of the planet

Caprichos del Paladar

Caprichos del Paladar is committed to the sustainability of the planet. That is why we are continuously developing actions to alleviate our carbon footprint in order to fulfil our commitment to the world.
  • Our cars and transport are hybrid.
  • We have solar panels.
  • We work with recycled plastics.
  • Our oven does not run on diesel or gas but on pellets.
  • We have implemented a paperless management system.
  • We have a recycling programme, we separate oil, plastic, cardboard, chemicals, artichoke leaves and batteries and everything is collected by specialised waste managers.
  • We have developed a ZERO WASTE system. Our waste is not thrown away, it is collected and used as animal feed.
  • We develop products from the by-products of others to recover as much as possible and use it all.
  • We work with farmers to develop healthier products from more sustainable crops. Our farmers are committed to good farming practices and Caprichos del Paladar monitors that these are adhered to.

Caprichos del Paladar and Sustainability

We aim to have a positive impact on the environment and on society, we work without colourings or preservatives and all our products are plant based. Our I+D+I developments are aimed at offering a range of plant-based products to make the planet more sustainable.